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marți, 19 martie 2013

Lost paper

Dreamy night

 I had the strangest dream last night. I remember how I started to watch a movie with a friend at my home, it was a comedy one. We were laughing with tears in our eyes, it was crazy.

All of a sudden the tv closed by itself in the middle of the movie. The light was off so we thought that the electricity went out but we were wrong. A tiny light appeared in the middle of the tv, it started to grow and grow. I really didn’t know what to do, I had the remote in my hands and I tried to turn it off. I thought my friend was right there next to me, but when I tried to reach her she wasn’t, I couldn’t yell for help. I closed my eyes and I said to myself “It’s just a dream, you can wake up now” but when I reopened my eyes, the light was on. I felt how my heart started to beat faster and faster, like it would explode. I was waiting for something to appear right in front of my face but right away I heard some noises coming from the kitchen, so I went there with tiny steps, to see what it was. The door wasn’t closed so I looked through it and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Knifes, all sort of knifes, they were all over the kitchen, shiny and clean not even a single little stain on them. I turned around gently so no one could hear me. In that moment I broke a vase that was on the table next to me. The lights went off and came on again, in that second a masked man holding a knife in his hand tried to stab me. I escaped somehow and got to the back yard door. I managed to run in the middle of the street but when I turned to see if he was gone, I saw that he was on my bike and the knife was in his hand, coming faster right behind me. 

After that, I’ve began to run again but I made a wrong move and tripped on the ground. He was right in front of me now. The masked man held the knife high in the air so he could stab me, but at the second when the knife should’ve gone through my heart, I woke up suddenly. I really thanked God for waking me up so I wouldn’t see that horrible scene. That had me in it.

 I found this yesterday on my gmail account.My beloved homework at English from last year.
Can't believe I sent this to my teacher.Sorry not sorry.

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