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duminică, 24 martie 2013

Massive fangirling

5 days till The Host, can't wait, can't wait.
The book is just... I CAN'T FIND WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT!

The tension, the love...

Yes, I'm on two teams or should I say three teams? Wanda/Ian
Mel/Jared, Wanda/Mel/Jared? 
Or... Team Ian or maybe Team Jared?

 I want to say Jared but he's such an @*&^$*&^ in the begining.
Same for Ian, but after a while he's accepting the situation. Oh Ian, why are you such a sweety pie?


2 comentarii:

  1. :)) Stiu ce simti. ASA o sa fiu eu, la anu' pe 14 februarie :)) Inainte sa apara AV >:) Eu sincera sa fiu n-am citit cartea, dar intentionez :D

    1. Pana atunci sper ca voi citii si eu seria AV, sa pot vedea filmul linistita :D Am auzit multe chestii interesante despre ea deci I must read it :))