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miercuri, 27 august 2014

Against the world

 Roses are blue
The vows are true,
Daisies  are gray
No shine or flame.

The grass is purple
I'm leaving my circle,
Darkness is near
He's searching for fear.

Soldiers in yellow
With eyes of terror,
They're pulling an arrow
Striking  my elbow.

The war is starting
Nowhere to retreat
Too late to even breath.

The sun is still missing
Clouds are just teasing
The moon is done crying 
Her lover was dying.

I scream your name
Feeling the flame,
I need to move faster
Before any disaster.

I kept running
Still no sight of you,
But I'm slowing down
Because I can see you now.

Your eyes are closed
Your arms entwine
The pulse is gone
No time to cry.

Shattered pieces of my heart
Are spread in the dark
My lover is dead
But I can't call for help.

I'm alone,
There's no place where I can go.

Lying next to his cold body
Still in shock
I'm feeling lost
Paying the cost.

Soldiers are near
They smell his gear.

Now that I'm alone
I just want to go home,
I can't go on 
When he's all gone.

He was all I had
I can't turn back. 

Feeling the mud,
Smelling the blood
I have to run,
Before they hear
That I'm still here.

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