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joi, 6 noiembrie 2014

Remember nothing

Bits and pieces,
That's all I remember.

Happiness surrounds their heart,
Unlike someone, that used to spark.

Losing my mind, while changing the time.
Erasing every ruthless crime,
Which weren't at all mine
Even if they were nine.

Bits and pieces,
 I remember the lies.

Police threatening our lifes,
Making us look like murderers
When we were just followers.

 Bits and pieces.
I remember your smirk.

Your warm cheeks next to mine,
Hugging me so tightly
It wasn't politely.

Bits and pieces,
I remember the word love.

Tasting my lips with such violence,
I almost broke from silence,
Pulling your head closer,
Making it worser.

Bits and pieces,
I remember dying.

They took you away from me,
They beaten me harder, so I wouldn't see,
The galaxies and stars,
That you cried for me.

Bits and pieces,
I remember missing you.

I remember destroying you.

You murdered my lover.

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