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luni, 17 noiembrie 2014

You'll never know

As I look upon our star, 
All I can see, is how alone we really are.

Love, you destroyed my life,
You made me cry, countless times,
Not caring about anything,
You just thought that it will be easy
To corrupt my soul with teasing.

Love, I hate you from the bottom of my heart
You are never fair
And take decisions on your own,
Turning me into a stone.

I'm alone with the stars
He's far away, not knowing
How our glass is breaking without showing,
Leaving him aside,
While I'm thrown out tonight.

I'm a monster, that loves
But can't be loved,
How will someone care for me
If they're all against me.

You destroyed my being
And all these tears falling down,
Aren't the last and you should know by now
That I'll be gone 
As a feather blowing in the wind.

I'm a ruin and you're not my salvation
You never were and never will be,
But as stupid as my heart is
It will always be open for breaking
Even if I'm dying and regretting.

I know nothing makes sense,
But my heart is a mess
That I'm unable to clean,
Without wiping my skin.

And the truth is,
You were never mine to choose.

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