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joi, 25 decembrie 2014


My emotions are such a mess. I'm always thinking about those times, when I was with you, and you were with me. Dancing in the rain, our umbrellas being far away. Laughing with such passion that it started to sound unnatural. I wanted to hold your hand more, so we can win against every war. But you decided it was enough. You were the leader of the army, whose chore was to destroy everything in a violent way that no one could understand anyway. I saw you ,after ,as a ruthless bastard, that wanted to gain power, so you can conquer the world and kill its tower...

As evil as you were, I loved you.
I had been a slayer, myself, once. Being weak and simple-minded, I had won against the fighting. 

They had risen before me, making me their queen.
It wasn't different at all from this. All the same, never a game.
You didn't want to understand, that the power wasn't anymore in your hand. I loved you enough, to take it from you and shove it into me. It gave me the strength I need, to kill you without fearing.

You are in ruins now. While I am on fire, burning my way around you, so I can rebuild my empire.
They used to call me a phoenix that had burned a human's soul, just by loving it.

Crăciun Fericit tuturor!!

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