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duminică, 21 iunie 2015

Let you go

I've loved you for so long. 

In these past few years, I've come to know your every pleasure, thought and dream. Not to mention your laugh. 
All the stars, gathered together, will never spark with the passion and power that you smile.

You make me feel like I could paint millions of galaxies, as the colors keep coming from our darkest minds.

If only I could inspire you, like others do. 
I wish you were here...

The letter is still sitting on my bed, waiting for my courage to rise again. 

If you knew... 
But you don't.
I guess it's better this way.

2 comentarii:

  1. condiția omului de geniu, neînțeles de societate, care se tinde spre absolut și se refugiază în sfera cunoașterii...

    1. Acela ce tinde spre absolut şi refugiul mintal, în loc să studieze celuloza pământului...