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duminică, 29 noiembrie 2015

Oh darling

Always so graceful like a rose. Oh, darling, oh but how easily your flaws can be shown. I can see through your falling petals, which had lost their perfume along the way to the ground. I want to pick them up, but they are sticked down by all the footsteps that you didn’t mind. 

Oh, darling, oh. Do you remember how you used to pronounce my name? It felt like a sunset in the middle of winter. Oh, how time flies away… Now it’s just a normal word for you, and it burns me deep down. 

I still can’t believe how we got here. The vase broke too soon, I guess. And your thorns captured my heart, slaughtering it with no regrets. Oh, darling you left me with missing pieces that I will never find again. 

Oh, and with all the hate that I gathered towards you, I’m left with no other choice. So, darling, I forgive you. Even if you don’t care anymore.

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