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joi, 3 martie 2016

From him to you

A hundread thoughts, are going through my mind
 As I catch a glimpse of your wedding dress,
It makes me realise, what a lucky man I am.

A hundread heartbeats, that I can't stop
Pulse as you reach for my hand,
Locking ourselves into one being.

A hundread sparkles,
Travel around our fingers
Making me say "I do" too soon,

You smile, and I want to say it again, again, again...

A hundread countries,
I would travel just to hear you say my name,
To touch your lips and kiss your nose.

To feel you beside me.

A hundread "I love you"s, will never be enough 
Because you warm my heart
Without saying a word.

A hundread forevers, will never be sufficient
Because I want to give you my heart, in each of them.

A hundread, a hundread, a hundread ... of words
That I will whisper in your ear,
While you wake up next to me.

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