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joi, 3 martie 2016

RED heart

In the deadly night, 
I shall surrender...

But not before our final meeting

I want to see the sparkles in your eyes,
As I say my final vows.

Oh, you sweet fool,
I have loved you from the beginning of everything
But you chose to ignore this fact,
And now, while we stare at each other,
Silently awaiting for words to come out
I just feel the need to touch the roses on your cheeks,
To feel the only warmth you have to give...

Oh, what a fool I can also be
To fall in love with such a monster,
You make it look so strange and heavy
For fingers to just unite...

And after hundreds of days
You still won't believe that I love you deeply...

So, I am left with no other choice

I will hang my heart down our tree
For you to finally see,
What you have done to me.

But even then, you bastard
You won't be able to see it.

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