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miercuri, 1 martie 2017


oh, how these nightmares kill me,
all they do is take what's left of my sanity.

oh, how they destroy me,
the candles that I had on my nightstand,
it was always you who took them away.

oh, how terrifying it was to wake up in the darkness
with no one standing beside me.

oh, how betrayed I feel,
feelings stay and go like scents of blooms.

oh, how my heart shrinks itself,
everyday while I stare at my reflection
I see parts becoming you.

oh, how I cried when I realized,
that I am undoubtedly turning into you,
screams and lies and laughs
and anger and sadness and cries
are coming from me
out ,

you left a scar on me,
on my face,

oh, how I cry,
cry and cry.

but I don't want your manipulative sheer on myself.

oh, stop.

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